The banner on this web site shows some scenes of the Glasgow skyline to demonstrate the new, the old, and what happens to structures which have outlived their life.

The NEED for CEMDC is described adequately by the following phrase:

"Perfect records regardless of the passage of time and personnel."

And how is that to be accomplished:

"Using a proven CEMDC software package."

This will of course contain as a very minimum the information required by the COBIE standard. As any commercial manager will tell you:

"You don't know in the future what records you will need, but if you have as much as possible, then you have the best chance of having what you might need."

Just one nightmare is of course when a "contractual situation" - to use a polite phrase -  arises. The organisation with the most complete records, as any lawyer will tell you, is the one which has the best chance of making the most advantageous settlement. A good CEMDC software solution will contain all the necessary facilities to enable this.

Embedded in the banner are a number of words: these are intended to describe the multiplicity of things which should be considered during the life of any project. The list is NOT exhaustive by any means, but includes - in no particular order as the judges say:

      • Need
      • Ideas
      • Outline Design
      • Aesthetics
      • Buildability
      • Concept
      • Approval
      • Safety
      • Specifications
      • Systems
      • Compliance
      • Refine [Outline Design]
      • Procurement
      • Construction
      • Cost
      • Time
      • Standards
      • Detail Design
      • Risks
      • Fitout
      • Material Schedules [Cable Drumming, Re-bar, etc]
      • Commission
      • Inspection
      • Handover
      • Spare parts
      • Certification
      • Snagging
      • Maintenance
      • Operation
      •  .......
      • Demolition