Construction Contract Claims arise when there has been a failure of the mechanisms embodied within a construction contract to handle variations, and changes both in design and circumstance. Typical model Conditions of Contract include those published by:

  • The Institution of Civil Engineers [ICE]
  • The Federation International des Ingenieurs Connseils [FIDIC]
  • The Joint Contracts Tribunal Limited [JCT]

and many others.

When a dispute arises under a contract, it is vital that the dissenting party has its own records, and does not have to rely upon records maintained by someone else. One common problem with "portals" is the withdrawal of access by the client from a contractor or sub-contractor.

On any contract there will be a plethora of information. Making sure that this information is not only accessible but selectable using criteria which the persons preparing the claim wish to define is an essential requirement. For more information on how a CEMDC package such as The TDOC System handles this complex process see Contract Claims - Collecting and Analysing Information

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