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How can engineers create better performing designs in a fast-paced, budget-constrained environment?

The simple answer is simple: innovation. And that does NOT require the use of BIM. Indeed sitting at a computer screen running a CAD package is probably the least likely way to trigger the brain into devising such a design.

What does the term "design" actually mean ? One aspect is "buildability" which basically means how can you do it quicker and thus more usually cheaper.

One of the founders of Marples Ridgway - the author's first employer - said to him when after a few years on site said

"Engineers should be able to do in half the time and at half the cost what anyone else can do"

How can this be achieved .... the following things merit consideration:

  • Modular Construction
  • Falsework which does NOT require scaffolding
  • Off Site Construction¬†
  • Including Temporary Works within the Permanent Works


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