Document Control is [or ought to be] exercised by every individual firm or organisation to one degree or another.The task [document control is simply the managing of the documents which are created and despatched, or are received.

Whether the documents are on paper, or are electronic makes little or no difference to the principle of management, viz that the documents should be "filed" so that they can be retrieved. Optionally an "index" of the contents of the filing system can be made so that the index can be perused to recover documents faster.

The information in the index may consist of such information as:

  • The title of the document
  • The date on which was created or received
  • Dates when it was despatched and to whom.
  • Possibly other information such as
    • a reference, and
    • a subject, and
    • whether a response was received, and even
    • the date by which a response might be expected.

The above "index" information will also provide the audit trail information required by ISO9001. But it is actually somewhat more complex.

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