As Technical Documents have revisions, the task of document control becomes considerably more complex.

Not only is it necessary to manage the Revisions of the Technical Documents, but also the myriad of associated documents which include:

  • The transmittal notes under which the documents are despatched [or returned],
  • The accompanying acknowledgement notes, and the completed returns,
  • The accompanying comment sheets, and the completed returns to which may be attached markups of the revisions of transmitted technical documents.

Technical Document Control is thus the management of technical documents to a much higher degree than is required of general documents. It may be defined as the task of recording every event in the life of a technical document.

The information for a technical document should include:

  • The document reference and the reference to the job or contract for which it was prepared¬†
  • The document title
  • The type of document - e.g. Process and Instrumentation Diagram [P&ID]
  • The natural scale size of the document - e.g. A0 for a drawing

and optionally:

  • A project document reference [or secondary number]
  • A list of the work packages for which the document was specifically prepared
  • For one's own documents, the file name of the electronic master

for each revision of each technical document

  • The revision reference
  • The description of the revision¬†
  • The date of the revision. Before a document is revised, this is the date it was created.

and optionally:

  • The file name of the published electronic revision
  • For ones own documents, the Stage reached, and for other peoples, the status accorded.

The movement of technical documents is accomplished at revision level, under cover of a transmittal note, with the following information requirements:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The date despatched
  • The reason despatched, or the status and comments etc if being returned
  • The mode of transmittal [paper, email, etc]

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