Project Information Management [PIM] is simply collecting and managing the data generated when operating a CEMDC software package.

PIM equals CEMDC which addresses the basic needs of organizing, finding, tracking, sharing, monitoring and reusing technical project information and communications in a way that is completely aligned with the people and processes that depend on that information.

CEMDC supports the project execution process, the “third leg of the stool” for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms, the other legs being:

  • Design or Generation of Deliverables - e.g. using CAD. This is often referred to as Building Information Management, but that really covers a great deal more.
  • Financial Management viz the raising and management of the project finance.

A good CEMDC package note only manages the document control process's associated with the deliverables and the associated communications, but also the commercial aspects of Work Package Management viz:

  • Key Event dates, such as Tender submission date, Completion of work etc
  • Budget, Certified amounts, Extra's, etc etc
  • Expenditure of time by individual resources by task
  • Inspections [and re-inspections]

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