Once a construction project has been completed, the Facilities Management task commences viz Operation and Maintenance.

Any construction, from a house to an airport building to a sewage works to a power station has instrumentation and controls of one sort or another to enable its operation.

In a house this will probably only include:

  • Metering of Electricity, Gas, and possibly Water
  • Temperature and time switching for provision of Hot Water and Central Heating
  • In addition, annual plant inspections [mandatory if a property is let and using gas] may be carried out - viz servicing of certification of gas boilers etc.

On a more complex structure such as an Oil Refinery, there are literally tens of thousands of indicators driving a complex array of switching to ensure its operation is:

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Meeting its targetted production

All of these require maintenance, and over a period of time, many will be upgraded and replaced. Some of the upgrades may result in wholesale replacement of large sections of plant e.g. a skid or module. The updating of existing records, and the generation of new documentation relating to these changes, upgrades, or additions or removals must be carried out. The provisions of CEMDC ought to be applied.

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