Document Transmittal is the process used, usually on a construction project, to formally despatch Technical Documents such as Drawings from one party to the other.

It is therefore a contractual process and the transmittal documents themselves are contractual ones..

There are several common uses namely:

  • The issue of drawings to a contractor [or sub contractor or supplier] for the purposes of procuring the work or items specified on the document.
  • The issue, often to a third party such as a Design Engineer or the Owner, of documents for which approval is sought.
  • The return of these documents indicating their suitability making comments or markups [viz suggested modifications] as required, but including a "Status". It is common for such "Status" to be defined.
  • The return of documents by a contractor [or sub contractor or supplier] to advise of the "As Built" state of the works executed or items provided.

In the event of a dispute between the parties, each party will require to have access to the records not only of the transmittal documentation but also of the transmitted attachments, and also to be able to demonstrate the dates the transmittal documents [and thus the transmitted documents] were despatched or received.

The term can also refer to the transmittal documents whose alternative is a Transmittal Note. Under certain contracts, they may be referred to as an Architect's Instruction, or similar name such as a Project Manager's or Main Contractor's Instruction.

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