ScopeDocument Control in the AEC / Construction / Building industries isabout controlled communication. Document Control covers the movement of any document in an industry standard manner using appropriate technology (from paper to email) whilst maintaining meticulous and detailed records.
CoversThere are two main areas to this communication - technical documents and general documents, reports, and other documents.

Technical Documents require to be moved under cover of "transmittal documentation" which may include transmittal notes, acknowledgement notes, and comments sheets (for return), as well as others - for example an instruction to proceed with the varied works as described on listed drawings.

General Documents range from formal letters and forms without which a job cannot be run to the ubiquitous email.
ModesInevitably all of these various technologies are used by different people at differemt times and in different combinations, wuth the internet offering so many different ways it is essential to be able to cope with ALL of them.
  • paper transmittals with paper documents
  • paper transmittals with electronic documents on CD
  • electronic transmittals with electronic documents all by email
  • electronic transmittals by email with electronic documents FTP'd for download
  • electronic acknowledgment by EDI
  • electronic acknowledgment by HTML form with server side processing to generate EDI
HowCEMDC enables this in a formal manner using various technologies and also keeps the necessary meticulous records of everything that was sent or received, when, and how.